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Sekt collection of the year 2022

Méthode Traditionnelle

Our Sekt Collection

Sekt is a sparkling affair for us. Organic work in the vineyard, tradition sekt production, and plenty of patience are the hallmarks of our style, and the keys to turning each sekt into something special.

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What we’ve been up to lately?

In Flörsheim-Dalsheim, I took the chance to visit Volker Raumland again, arguably one of the top three sparkling wine producers in all of Germany. The range he is offering at the moment is world-class and can compete with any sparkling wine on planet wine.

Stephan Reinhardt / The Wine Advocate

May 2020

Awards and Recognition

Our Awards

Eichelmann 2021

(5 of 5 stars—“World-Class Wine Estate” category)

Vinum Weinguide 2021

(4.5 of 5 stars—“Germany’s elite”)

Falstaff Sparkling Special 2022

(1st, 2nd & 3rd Place – Category „Blanc de Blancs“) (1st place – Category “Brut Nature”) (2nd Place – Category “Blanc de Noirs”)
Falstaff Bester Sekt

Meininger Deutscher Sektpreis 2021

(3rd Place – “Riesling Sekt” category)
Bester Deutscher Sekt

Focus Weintest 2020

(Best German Sekt – Chardonnay Réserve)
Focus Weintest

Vinum Weinguide 2022

(Germany’s Best Grower Sekt—2008 Blanc de Noirs Grande Réserve)
Vinum Weinguide 2022

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