At What Temperature Should Sekt be Cellared?

High-quality sparkling wine should be stored at a constant temperature of approx. eight to no more than 15 degrees. It is important that the temperature does not fluctuate too much between winter and summer. Air humidity of approx. 70 percent is optimal.

Yet even more important that the air humidity is storage in the dark to avoid the influence of light.

Impact of temperature fluctuations and light:

Temperature fluctuations and light have a negative impact on the quality of the sparkling wines, especially those sold in clear bottles. But even dark bottles will be negatively affected by light. In extreme cases experts even talk about “light tones.” Higher storage temperatures age the sparkling wine more quickly.

Care should also be taken when storing in a space where other foreign aromas such as cleaners or paints could be absorbed.

Should I store sekt standing or on its side? See our separate article on this.

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