Non Vintage

The term “Non Vintage” (often abbreviated as NV) does not refer to a quality characteristic in sparkling wines. Rather, this term describes the difference compared to vintage sparkling wine (also referred to as “Vintage” Champagne or sparkling wine internationally). Non Vintage sparkling wines, in our terminology, would be considered “non-vintage” wines.

While winemakers choose to highlight the specific characteristics of each vintage (such as weather conditions etc.) in vintage sparkling wines, Non Vintage sparkling wines embody the art of achieving a certain consistency in the taste of the sparkling wines.

VintageNon Vintage
– At least 85% of the base wine for the sparkling wine comes from a single vintage (EU law).
– Vintage sparkling wines are usually produced only from particularly good vintages.
– Vintage sparkling wines often undergo extended aging on the lees, allowing the excellent quality of the base wine to develop into a particularly expressive sparkling wine.
– Compared to the past, it is becoming increasingly common to produce good vintage sparkling wines (climate change leads to higher average vintage temperatures).
– The base wines for a cuvée can come from many different vintages. There are no limits to how many.
– In contrast to vintage sparkling wine, which clearly indicates the characteristic of a specific year, winemakers strive to achieve balance and consistent flavor in Non Vintage sparkling wine, so that consumers can have the same enjoyable experience from year to year.
– This is achieved by using reserve wines, which the winemaker has stored in the cellar from different vintages.

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