Raumland Manufacture – Our new seccos and ancestrales are here!

We are pleased to present a new name and look for our Raumland Manufacture seccos. The 2021 vintage also marks the arrival of two new sparkling wines produced using the Méthode Ancestrale. Selected ingredients, produced with love and care, with artistry and a sense of the now!


Our family’s dynamic and relationship with each other has a special energy all its own and has for many generations. The path to where we are now stretches back over 30 years. Rooted in our homeland. These recollections of our origins should flavor more than just our sekts. Alongside the production of high-quality sparkling wines using traditional bottle fermentation, we hold a special place in our hearts for our seccos and ancestrale bubbles as well.

And now it’s time to give them a chance to stand on their own. Under a new name and label: Raumland MANUFACTURE.

Raumland Manufacture

lat. “manus” [hand] | “facere” [make]. Artisanally crafted products with selected ingredients. With love and care. That’s the heart of Raumland Manufacture. For the love of craftsmanship. For the here and now!


Our Seccos:

  • Secco Frizzante
  • Rosé Frizzante
  • Cassis Frizzante

Alongside our seccos, in 2021 we decided to produce two new sparkling wines using an old method: the Méthode Ancestrale.

The newcomers:

  • Ancestrale Blanc – Brut

A blend of Riesling and Muskateller. This sekt displays unbelievable freshness in its aromatics, even as it is defined by a crisp acidity. Read more here about how this sekt came to be.

  • Ancestrale Fleur – Demi Sec

An aromatic sparkling wine produced from 100% Scheurebe, which shapes the aromatics of this sekt. We’ve been producing this sparkler for almost 20 years now. It was previously known as “Fleur Doux.” It pairs wonderfully with desserts and cheese.

The Method

Méthode Ancestrale is the oldest technique for producing sparkling wine. The still-fermenting must is bottled individually at the perfect moment to finish fermentation. The existing residual sugar and native yeast are responsible for the creation of the carbon dioxide, which converts the still wine into sparkling wine. The method is also known as “Pétillant Naturel” (pet nat). In English: naturally sparkling. Unlike the pet nat style better known in Germany at present, our Ancestrale Blanc is not cloudy. The yeast is removed prior to sealing of the sekt bottle via classic disgorging.

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