Dynamic Rheinhessen

Exotic Wine Travel, Dr Matthew Horkey, February 4, 2020

„There was a time when sweet Liebfraumilch and cheap, bulk wine symbolized the Rheinhessen. Today things are different. The Rheinhessen may be Germany’s most dynamic wine region. It’s home to some of the most prestigious German wines, […] and its most well-regarded sparkling wine house. […]

Of all the sparkling wines we tasted in Germany, the most exciting examples were from two producers in Rheinhessen. Sekthaus Raumland is considered to be the premier sparkling wine house in all of Germany.

They are so well regarded by their peers that many send their wines to Sekthaus Raumland for disgorgement. The estate is owned by Heide-Rose and Volker Raumland, who both share a passion for Champagne.

Volker studied winemaking at the University of Geisenheim and his talents started to shine immediately. “As a student, I made a barrel of sparkling wine and it beat out several Champagnes in a blind tasting,” Volkers says. “It shocked my professors and soon everyone in the class wanted to make sparkling wine.”

The Raumland sparklers regularly stand up to top-notch Champagne. Sekthaus Raumland produces only sparkling wine, made by the traditional method. All of their wines stay on the lees for years and see extended bottle aging. They are considered the reference for German sekt. The sparklers from Raumland […] are yeasty and finessed. They are dare-we-say, Champagne-like both in texture and flavor. There is a rise in demand for sparkling wine both locally and worldwide, which should continue to push the quality in the Rheinhessen.“

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